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Vedic project in USA to be built in Sedona, Arizona



Come join us in facilitating a world-class repository for Vedic culture, in the enchanting landscape of Sedona, Arizona.

The proposed Sedona Center of Vedic Culture will be a synergistic and transcendental enhancement to the famed "Red Rock Country." It will bring India's great spiritual tradition, to the people who visit Sedona from all over the world.

Spiritual Enlightenment:
The Solution To World Woes



The world seems plagued more than ever before, by the karma of misguided leaders, who have little to no understanding of our higher spiritual existence, beyond the temporary body and the material nature.

There is a great and ancient science described in the Vedas, India's resevoir of spiritual knowledge, that can help to solve the problems of modern society.


The SCVC is preparing to fulfill the need of disseminating this crucial knowledge, for peace and real prosperity of the human condition. We invite you to read how you can help.

Immediate Need:
Land in the Sedona area, 20 acres or more.



Donate Today!
The Sedona Center of Vedic Culture is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes the ideals of the ancient spiritual culture of India. Your donations are tax-deductable.



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