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Mission Statement

The mission of this unique Vedic Cultural Center is to provide spiritual enlightenment for humankind, through the universal knowledge of the Vedic Culture of India.


Such timeless Vedic wisdom can help to break down the barriers of politics and sectarianism, and create a spiritual template whereby the societies of the world can function in a harmonious manner, contributing to the creation of inner-personal and international peace.


We invite you in making this vision a reality.


Om Tat Sat. 

Our motto:

"An ancient culture meets an ancient land"

Aspects of the Sedona Vedic Center

Photo by Monica Parsley

Photo by Monica Parsley

Sedona pics

Sedona, Srivani, Cathedral Rock copy.jpg


El Grande Jagannath Temple


Modeled after the ancient Jagannath temple in Orissa India, this will be the centerpiece of the project. Jagat means universe and nath means Lord. So Jagannath means Lord of the universe. The temple room and kirtan hall will hold up to 500 people.



The Avatar:
Performing Arts Center


A beautiful creation of architecture, whose unique design will attract people from all over the world. Weekly and monthly cultural performances from artists from India, will highlight this facility which will seat 800 to 900 people. 

Bhaktivedanta Library and
Institute of Peace


A presidential-type library dedicated to that modern day sage and saint, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, India's spiritual ambassador to the western world. It will be demonstrated here through conferences and meetings, how to achieve real peace in the world using the Vedic cosmology as a role model.

World Interfaith for Spiritual
Enlightenment (WISE)


This aspect of the Vedic project will demonstrate the onesness in diversity of the world's major faiths and religions, and the great contribution the Vedic religion has to play, in answering modern man's doubts of

the existance of God.


Jagannath's Gourmet
Natural Foods Restaurant


Offering a positive alternative to meat based diets and consumption, this operation will serve natural and delectable vegetarian menus from around the world. It will seat 450 and be located in the Perfroming Arts Center, so that people can experience a nice spiritual vegetarian meal before enjoying the cultural shows and performances.

6 Hi-Tech Theme Museums


1)The Theatre of Karma & The Soul; 2)The World Peace Diet; 3) India - The Mother Of All Civilization; 4)The Bhagavad-gita; 5)Vedic Science & Answers of Antiquty;

6)Simple Living & High Thinking, Varnasrama Dharma (a demonstration of self sufficiency together with philosohical reasearch of the Absolute Truth).

Vedic Academy


Teaching: Ayurveda medicine; Jyotish (Vedic Astrology); Vedic Music & Dance; School of Vastu & Shilpa (ancient divine architecture harmonizing with natural law); Vedic Science; Vedic Yoga & Meditation.

Retreat Quarters


It is very important that visitors have the opportunity to stay for some time in a holy space, where it will be very much condusive to the experince of meditation and the practice of self-realization or bhakti-yoga.


Vedic Eco Village


Demonstrating the natural and sustainable lifestyle of agriculture and cow protection, centered around a God conscious community for enlightenment, happiness, and peace.



So important in growing a spiritual community, is educating the children that will come about as a result of the families that will be part of the Sedona Vedic project. We will start with primary school, grades 1 to 8. The name of the school will be Mukunda Raj Gurukula, named after the first student and son of one of our Directors.

Gurukula means school of the spiritual master.

Jagannath Temple in Puri, India



Bhaktivedanta Library

Bhaktivedanta Library

Bhaktivedanta Library

Bhaktivedanta Library and

Institute of Peace


Jagannath's Restaurant

Hi-Tech Museums

Hi-Tech Museums

Vedic Academy

Vedic Academy

Vedic Academy

Retreat Quarters,




Jagannath Astaka song with beautiful musical arrangements by Shabda Hari das

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