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Team Members & Board of Directors

The following persons have been involved with the Sedona Center of Vedic Culture project since its inception:

Project Director
Dasarath Pandit

A direct disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Dasarath has pioneered the establishment of Vedic Centers in Arizona, such as the Caitanya Cultural Center & Govinda's Natural Foods Restaurant in Tucson (1986), and the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center in Phoenix (1996). His ambitious plans at present are to establish a multi-million dollar Vedic Cultural Center in Sedona. In 1996 he received Citizen of the Year Award from the Indo-Asian Community for starting the very first Vedic or Hindu temple in Phoenix.

& Financial Officer
Tracy Molina

Tracy has been an integral part of the planning and financial accounting of the Vedic Center since its physical appearance in Sedona in 2008. She is full of fresh ideas and energy and has been key in operating logistics and analysis. She has also been a lead figure in the inspiration and business management of the kirtan musical recordings of the Red Rock Rishis, in which she is a singer.

Senior Architect
Shashi Patel
Project Manager
Trikalajna das

Glory Of India Cultural Center

Trikalajna das (Tansukh Shingdia) received an honors degree in civil engineering from the Aston University in the United Kingdom in 1979. He managed the consruction and planning of a multi-miilion dollar project in New Delhi India called the Glory Of India Vedic Cultural Center, which has since then been honored by the Government of India as a National Monument.

Spiritual Director
Sripad Bhaktiswarupa Damodar Swami

His Holiness, also known as Dr. T.D. Singh, PhD, was an extrodinary combination of scientist, interfaith leader, educationaist, poet, singer, and cultural ambassador. He was well known for his pioneering efforts for more than 30 years to interface between science and religion for a deeper understanding of life and the universe. He had organized three international conferences on science and religion. Maharaj was very interested in the project Vedic of Sedona since its inception and greatly encouraged its beginning, and had agreed to be a head Spiritual Director. He passed away in October of 2006. We will always appreciate his spiritual contribution to the world. He is one the of founding members of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, a scientific branch implementing Vedic knowledge in modern researh for the Absolute Turth. See

Shashi has been the architect of more than 64 Hindu temples throughout North America. He has won different national awards for some of his architectural designs, and builds according to the ancient Vedic texts of Vastu sastra. We are most honored to have him as one of our Team Members. His website is

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