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Dear Dasarath,

Thank you so much for the the spectacular Vortex Tour last week!  You really went above and beyond my imagination.  We started in the morning, and you met me on time, with a gift of a chilled can of Guayaki (organic brand) Yerba Mate tea drink ("enlighten mint").  Then you drove me to some Sedona sites that I would not have gotten to see otherwise, including some that I had not before heard of.  Per my request, you even took me out to see the cows!  ( You had as much time as we needed for the day.  A highlight was when you played your Tambura and sang shlokas on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a beautiful vortex!  I wish you had not been so close to the edge, but I enjoyed listening from a few feet away.  In all, you were a perfect gentleman, and a wonderful vortex tour guide!  I would recommend it to anyone.  Sincerely,  Joy Vargo

REVIEW "My experience was absolutely divine! I reccomend this tour for those who  wish to get a little more from their Sedona visit." - LISA TAYLOR, D.C. 

Hi! I'm Dasarath, your tour guide.

To book a tour, call me at 928.399.0123.

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Your tour guide: Dasarath Pandit
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The Sedona Center of Vedic Culture is a non-profit organization. The prices listed above are suggested donations only. All donations will go towards building the Vedic temple and cultural aspects of the project, for the enlightenment of the visitors to Sedona. Om Tat Sat.