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 A cow protection and cow care facility in Northern Arizona 



 The cows are an integral part of the temples and their upkeep is  one of the prime activities. In India, most of the Vaishnava temples  have their own goshala. The unadulterated milk supplied by these  cows is used for the worship of the Lord. 


rinodakadi samyuktam yah pradadyat gavahnikam
so asvamedha samam punyam labhate natra samsayah

In the Brhat Parashara Smrti (5.26-27) it is said, that one who feeds the cow with grass and water every day, derives the benefit equivalent of performing an Ashwamedha Yajna.


The Vedic Ranch presently keeps and protects a zebu 

herd of three bulls and five cows (one of the bulls and one of the cows are just calves).


The cost of providing feed and vetrinary assistance for one cow per month is estimated at: $51, or $612 a year.



Those interested in contributing towards the feeding and maintenance of the cows and goshala, CLICK HERE.


We also have a separate website:


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